Anti aging solutions

Cosmetic injectables target one of the underlying causes of wrinkles; the repeated facial muscle contractions that come naturally to us. By injecting these muscles with cosmetic fillers, this temporarily paralyses the muscle and smooths out any wrinkles.

You will begin to notice the effects of this treatment within 24-48 hours and the results can last up to 6 months. Both women and men, young and mature age; are choosing to age their own way, utilising the skills of cosmetic doctors such as Dr. Alnaima.

Whether you are wanting to reduce the visibility of scarring or, you’re not looking as young as you feel, we welcome you to make a booking to see Dr. Alnaima to discuss your concerns. We provide every client with a confidential service. BOOK NOW to secure your appointment with Dr. Alnaima.

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Wide Variety of Skin Care Products are available at Ballarat Cosmetic Clinic

From protective creams to lifting serums, we offer a large number of high quality products that help maintain/improve the condition of your skin. Contact us today for offers and discounts.

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